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We could fill pages about our wonderful work as relocation consultants. In order to devote more of our time to our clients, we prefer writing blog posts on a regular basis. Maybe one or the other story makes you laugh or it might give you something to think about and some useful tips. Let's go!

Life in Germany

At the pediatrician

What are the U examinations for children? In Germany, the medical care of children is a top priority. Parents are legally obliged to perform the so-called "U-examinations" with their children. These document the child's developmental steps and also serve to identify possible developmental delays in good time.

Inside Stories

Christmas party 2019: Baking cookies and building gingerbread houses

What could be more suitable for adults and children in the pre-Christmas season than baking cookies and building and decorating gingerbread houses, and thus getting to know a tradition of their new "home" Germany.

Leisure Recommendations

What to do in Bad Homburg and the surrounding areas

Welcome to Bad Homburg, a beautiful city located at the bottom of the Taunus hills. Only 20 minutes drive Frankfurt. 

Life in Germany

Other countries other customs

Different countries, different customs: Without wanting to fall into stereotypes about specific behaviour, certain country-specific peculiarities must be taken into account,which make life and cooperation easier or more pleasant for all parties.

Life in Germany

How to ventilate your flat properly

How do you ventilate your home properly to prevent mould on the walls? Disagreements between landlords and tenants occur time and again. One point of dispute is the damage to the apartment walls caused by incorrectly heated and ventilated rooms. Mould stains, mould or damp walls or window panes that are wet inside.

Leisure Recommendations

Indoor playgrounds in the Frankfurt am Main area - fun for children and adults

Many families take advantage of the indoor playgrounds, especially when the weather is wet and cold or the next children's birthday party is coming up.

Inside Stories

Moving back home to the USA - time budget: 4 weeks!

One of our most challenging relocation assignments last year, we received from an American client who moved back home to the East of the USA after more than 10 years of living in Germany. 

Life in Germany

Why and where should expats learn German?

Learning the German language leads to better communication with German-speaking colleagues, neighbours and perhaps also German friends (even if it is only the will shown to deal with the language)…

Dealing with Authorities

How do I find the right health insurance in Germany?

When applying for a work visa or Blue Card for Germany, you must also prove that you have sufficient health insurance coverage for yourself, your wife and children.

Life in Germany

Why must broadcasting fees be paid?

Time and again our customers ask why they have to pay broadcasting fees even though they will not use German television and radio programmes, especially due to a lack of German language skills.

Dealing with Authorities

How to get the Blue Card EU for Germany?

First, you have to apply for the Blue Card EU for academic professionals in your home country - at the responsible German representation abroad.

Dealing with Authorities

How to convert a non-EU driving licence into a German driving licence?

Holders of a foreign non-EU driving licence who want to drive in Germany have to take a few things into account. As it is so often the case in the jungle of German laws, there are very different regulations regarding…