The relocation service for the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region
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Relocation Service – Moving In & Out

oberursel im Taunus
oberursel im Taunus
Property search service in frankfurt germany

As soon as we have found the right property for you, we pull out all the stops to allow you and your family to get into the routine of everyday life as quickly as possible: we co-ordinate logistics partners to ensure that everything goes smoothly and will be on-site on the day of the move.

Does the selected property require any renovation or refurbishment? We contact the experienced tradespeople you need. Looking for new furniture or furnishing ideas? We have one or two shopping tips ready. When it comes to colour schemes, or the placement of furniture or other decorative themes, our interior design consultant Petra Reinert will be delighted to assist you.

When your assignment comes to an end, we will be back in good time to help you with moving out and take care of all necessary contract formalities. We will let you know in advance about tenancy termination deadlines as well as organizing the flawless transfer of the rented property and settlement with utility companies. Whether it´s official deregistration or termination of existing contracts and insurance policies - we think of every last detail.

Our relocation service provides you with efficient and reliable support:

  • by selecting and dealing with the moving company.

  • by attending to required customs formalities.

  • by registering and deregistering you and your family with the Foreigners Registration Office.

  • by taking out and terminating necessary insurance policies.

  • by concluding and terminating telephone, TV and mobile phone contracts.

  • by registering and deregistering at utility companies.

  • by commissioning tradespeople and cleaning services.

  • by coordinating necessary renovations and a final move-out cleaning.

  • by supervising the apartment handover and deposit repayment.

  • by organizing for your mail to be re-directed.