The relocation service for the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region
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Blue Card and Registration

oberursel im Taunus
oberursel im Taunus
oberursel im Taunus

Whether from abroad or within Germany, a move always involves a lot of official formalities that cost time, energy and often result in a lot of stress. To ensure that your transfer goes smoothly and quickly, we prepare all the documents for the authorities, reducing the time you need to invest to a minimum.

During your stay in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region, we keep track of all the important deadlines - for example, regarding issued Blue Card, work or residence permits - and will apply for any required extensions in good time. When your secondment ends, we will again take care of all the necessary deregistration formalities.

How our service takes the load off your shoulders:

  • By coordinating and preparing all documents necessary to apply for a work visa for non-EU citizens.

  • By applying for Blue Card, work and residence permits.

  • By registration and deregistration you and your family at the relevant registration office.

  • By applying for tax IDs.

  • By opening or closing bank accounts.

  • By registration and deregistration you and your family with the health insurance fund.

  • By taking out liability insurance.

  • By applying for child benefits.

  • By registering and deregistering pets.

  • By registering, deregistering or re-registering motor vehicles including taking out the necessary tests (TÜV) and insurance policies.

  • By applying to have your driving licence recognized and transferred if relevant.

  • By checking and complying with extension periods and deadlines.