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What to do in Bad Homburg and the surrounding areas

April 6, 2020
Leisure Recommendations

Discovery tour in Bad Homburg and the surrounding area

Welcome to Bad Homburg, a beautiful city at the bottom of the Taunus hills. Situated between meadows, forests and fields, Bad Homburg is a quiet, green and peaceful town, but Frankfurt, the next major city, is also easily accessible by public transport.

Whether you want to explore the area as a family, couple or alone, whether you like sports or culture - there is something for everyone!

If you would like to take a closer look at the city's history, you should not miss Bad Homburg Castle with its white tower and park. The castle can best be explored during a guided tour. Tickets are sold in the castle shop. Special highlights for children are various activities, such as Halloween in the castle, which you can read about primarily in the newspaper. From the white tower you have a wonderful view of the city, the Taunus mountains and the skyline of Frankfurt. In the castle garden a friendly café under venerable cedars invites you to linger. For culture lovers, a visit to the castle church, where concerts are regularly held, is also a must.

The Louisenstraße invites you to stroll along with its numerous shops, cafés and restaurants as the main shopping street and city centre. Here you will find everything you need for everyday life.

In Bad Homburg, nature lovers can also experience a lot: long walks in park are especially recommended in spring and summer, as the gardens are always beautifully planted. The Jubiläumspark, on the other hand,with its extensive meadows, invites you to linger, picnic and play ball games,and children will also love it, as there is also a large adventure playground. In the park there is also a miniature golf course, which is very popular. The tennis club and the royal Bad Homburg golf club are also located in the parl. For those who seek luck in the game, the casino is the right address. The casino has a long tradition in Bad Homburg and even the nickname "Mother of MonteCarlo". On the other hand, you can really relax in the Kaiser-Wilhelms-Bad, a spa in a historical ambience. And the two Thai Salas should not go unmentioned either.

The Hardtwald and the forests around Bad Homburg are ideal for sports and running. Among other things, there is also a "Trimm-Dich" trail, where you can prove your fitness at various stations. Walks across the Kirdorfer Feld are also always nice and in good weather you have a unique view over the city into the distance. Hiking is also wonderful from here - for example to the Herzberg or to the Roman fort Saalburg. The Herzberg also offers a wonderful view of the Rhine-Main region and the cosy restaurant invites you to linger. The Saalburg, on the other hand, is a fort of the ancient Romans, which has been faithfully rebuilt. On special family days you can meet people dressed up as Romans and learn about life in ancient Rome. Hessenpark is also a popular destination for excursions - the open-air museum consists of reconstructed buildings from the last centuries and invites you to take a walk through Hessen's history. Both the Saalburg and the Hessenpark can be easily reached by bus number 5.

A trip to the Hirschgarten is also a potential destination for families and nature lovers. Here you can stop for a bite to eat and watch deer.

Theatre and culture can be found in many places in BadHomburg: for music lovers the Speicher in the train station is a meeting point; concerts and readings by renowned artists are held here regularly. The Kurtheater Bad Homburg, which is located in the Kurhaus, also offers a widerange of cultural activities, from theater, ballet and singing to comedy and even strippers. There are also special children's performances for children. Art and culture is also offered in the cultural centre of the English Church. For the cultural highlights of the city, it is always worth taking a look at the citywebsite or the programme of the respective venues.

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