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How to get the Blue Card EU for Germany?

April 6, 2020
Dealing with Authorities

First, you have to apply for the Blue Card EU for academic professionals in your home country - at the responsible German representation abroad. If all requirements* are fulfilled, a national visa for employment entry will be issued first. After entering Germany, this temporary work visa will be replaced by the Blue Card issued by the responsible Foreigners´ Authority

For this purpose, an application must be submitted personally to the Foreigners´ Authority. Even if the employees of the authorities understand English, communication at the offices and authorities takes place in German and many documents have to be translated into German, partly also officially certified, presented. But be careful: Anyone who forgets a single document at their first appointment will not have their documents processed. A second date is given, often weeks later. Once all documents have been submitted for the Blue Card application, it usually takes one to two months before it is handed over.

Relocation agencies support you in compiling the documents and translations, accompany you to the application at the Foreigners Authority and translate where ever it is necessary. Subsequently, the most important task of the relocation consultant is to regularly contact the foreigners´ authority in order to speed up the Blue Card process.

VISA and Blue Card for the family

If the family is joining you, a Blue Card must also be applied for for each family members. Only if the Blue Card is issued to the working parent and the family is registered in Germany child benefit can be applied for. Important: The child benefit is not paid retroactively to the start of work or entry, but only to the date of issue of the Blue Card.

Documents and university diploma 

The following documents should be available in time for the application: passport (preferably valid for 3 - 4 years), biometric passport photos, employment contract, recognized university diploma (recognized by the ZAB = Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen), health insurance notification for Germany.

For married couples, depending on the country of origin, it may be necessary to bring the marriage certificate as an apostille in English, issued by the embassy of the home country. It has to be translated into German as well. For children's birth certificates, it is sufficient to present the original (if written in English) together with the German translation. Any special requests from the foreigner’s authority may occur.


*1. As anacademic specialist and citizen of a non-EU country, the university degree must be recognized in Germany or comparable to a German university degree. 2) Proof of a job in Germany corresponding to the qualification must be provided. If the annual gross salary is between 41,808 and under 53,600 euros, the Federal Employment Agency must also approve the application for academic specialists in the fields of mathematics, natural sciences, informatics and technology.

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