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Moving back home to the USA - time budget: 4 weeks!

April 6, 2020
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One of our most challenging relocation assignments last year, we received from an American client who moved back home to the East of the USA after more than 10 years of living in Germany.

The list of work assignments was long. The time limited.

When we accepted the order, we knew that he had already booked his return flight for work reasons, namely exactly four weeks later and that he had to hand over his apartment renovated in three weeks’ time. You can certainly imagine how many things have to be considered, initiated and done while relocating. The task list was long and the time limited, but not impossible to manage.

Immediately we got down to work: the most important thing was to deregister with the city of Wiesbaden at the citizens' office. (For your information: In case of delay or no deregistration, when moving abroad, you can be fined by the city council). The next step was to find a reliable moving company that could provide a shipping container in three weeks, store the furniture and personal belongings and bring them on the next ship to the USA. Fortunately, a new tenant had already been found and the renovation was quickly organized. In the meantime, the task was to terminate the contracts with the utilities (electricity, gas, broadcasting and internet), return the resident parking permit, set up a postal forwarding order and cancel the bank account at a set date.  

A car sale can also be part of the relocation assignment

However, one task kept us much longer busy than we thought, and even after our client had already left. Since he could not take his car with him to the USA, it had to be sold. We quickly found a buyer and negotiated a good selling price for him. Everyone was happy.  But then our client could not find the vehicle registration document and we had to apply for the document again. Said and done. Thanks to the powers of attorney granted to us, we were also able to successfully complete this chapter six weeks later.  

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