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Corona Vaccine

January 3, 2021
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Corona Vaccination

Corona has kept us very busy throughout 2020 Great hopes are pinned on the COVID vaccine to pave the way out of the pandemic. Earlier than expected, the first vaccine against COVID-19 is available in Germany. However, there are many questions associated with vaccination: When and where can people get vaccinated?

It will take time before sufficient vaccine doses are available for everyone. For this reason, a phased approach is necessary. The distribution of the vaccine is staggered. The general rule at the outset is that those at particular risk, high-risk groups and medical personnel should be vaccinated first.
The vaccine is distributed centrally in the first phase. For this purpose, the federal states set up regional vaccination centers and mobile vaccination teams.  As soon as sufficient vaccine is available, physicians in private practice should also vaccinate - as is the case with all other vaccines.

The nationwide categorization of prioritization groups according to the Corona vaccination regulation are as follows:

A. Vaccinations with highest priority (§ 2 CoronaImpfVO)
- Persons over the age of 80
- Persons in old people's and nursing homes (employees and residents)
- Employees of outpatient care services
- Employees in medical facilities with a very high risk of exposure to Covid 19 (esp. intensive care units, emergency rooms, rescue services)
- Employees in medical facilities where persons are treated in whom a Covid 19 infection is expected to be severe or fatal (esp. oncology, transplant medicine).

B. High priority vaccinations (§ 3 CoronaImpfVO)
- Persons over the age of 70
- Persons with a particular risk of a severe or fatal course of infection (persons with trisomy 21, dementia or mental disability and organ transplant recipients)
- Persons in shelters for the homeless and asylum seekers
- Persons working in the public health service or in positions of special relevance to the maintenance of hospital infrastructure

C. Vaccinations with increased priority (§ 4 CoronaImpfVO)
- Persons over the age of 60
- Persons at increased risk of severe or fatal disease progression following infection with SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus due to a specific chronic pre-existing condition.
- Persons working in areas of medical facilities with a low risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, particularly laboratories and personnel who do not care for patients suspected of having infectious diseases
- Persons working in particularly relevant positions in government institutions, especially in governments and administrations, armed forces, police, firefighters, civil protection, parliaments, and the judiciary,
- Persons working in a particularly relevant position in other critical infrastructure institutions and companies, in particular in the pharmacy industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the water and energy supply, food and waste management, the transport and traffic industry, and the information technology and telecommunications industry,
- Persons working as educators or teachers,
- Persons, with precarious working and/or living conditions, especially seasonal workers, workers in distribution centers or the meat processing industry,
- persons working in retail trade.

For the "Impflocations" please go and follow this link:

Vaccination is possible only with a pre-arranged appointment!

From 12 January 2021 it is possible to register for Corona vaccination

By telephone registration via the hotline 116 117

or via

Online registration via the website

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